Producing Detailed Memorial Inscriptions in Southport, Merseyside

When you honour loved ones with memorial inscriptions featuring heartfelt messages, you help others to treasure the happy memories the departed have left you with. Based in Southport, Merseyside, Weatherby Memorials Ltd performs a considerate inscription service that includes attractive options such as gold-leafed inscriptions.

A Time-Honoured Business

A family business, Weatherby Memorials Ltd has provided poignant memorial inscriptions for more than 140 years. Drawing upon this veritable wealth of knowledge, our stonemasons produce inscriptions for a range of commemorative monuments including religious, war, picture, and children's memorials. Carrying out lettering by hand as well as machine, we apply our talents completely to ensuring your inscription looks immaculate.

Planning the Design

Your customer experience is the foremost concern of our kindly stonemasons. Providing you with proof of our work, we'll liaise with you to demonstrate the design of your inscription before anything is set in stone. Precise and conscientious, our team will never rush you to make a decision. Instead, we'll work at your pace to ensure you are happy with the final result.

Giving You Options

A number of suggested inscriptions and verses are available for you to browse through. Intended as a guide, these thoughtful messages may help you to decide on the wording for your own memorial inscription. Spending time with you, we'll assist in deciding on the content and layout of the inscription. What's more, we're able to advise you on languages including Hebrew, Arabic, and Chinese.

Finding the Right Style

There are a variety of handsome styles and effects to choose from. The lettering we inscribe may be cut in a number of designs and finished with gold leaf or enamel paint. Alternatively, lettering may be simply left cut into the stone - an attractive, understated option. The kind of headstone you have chosen will reflect the style options that are available to you.

Personalised and Visual

When it comes to adding designs and imagery to your inscription, we provide an almost endless number of options. These include:

One of Our Own Designs | A Photo of Your Choice | Etchings of Your Loved Ones | Images | Verses | Song Lyrics

Obliging Your Requests

Flexible and understanding, our company happily accommodates bespoke requests. Please note, however, that our designs must be created in accordance with the regulations provided by your chosen church or cemetery.

Contact us today, in Southport, Merseyside, to speak with our stonemasons about the memorial and gold-leafed inscriptions we capably create.