Order Stunning Headstones and Memorials from Southport, Merseyside

For truly magnificent memorial stones, turn to the captivating memorials our stonemasons produce. Based in Southport, Merseyside, Weatherby Memorials Ltd takes pride in offering a broad range of striking options such as marble, slate, and granite memorials.

Caring Commemorations

The memorials we supply are appropriate for all faiths and are produced using exquisite materials from leading sources across the UK and nationwide. That means no matter whose life you are honouring, our masonry is sure to evoke the memory of your loved one with extraordinary taste and sentiment. Expertly crafted in styles and shapes that accommodate your requests, our headstones and memorials are also made with the restrictions of your chosen cemetery in mind.

Magnificent Granite Headstones and Memorials

Using handsome granite stone, we are capable of producing almost any design. Working tirelessly, our masons will accommodate any design and style ideas you might have. In addition, we are able to cut engravings, etchings, and carvings onto the stone. To suit your preferences, we're happy to adapt our existing designs. What's more, a vast range of colours is available to select from. Thanks to its sturdy nature, granite stone requires very little maintenance, making it a popular option among customers.

Sublime Marble Stone

The tremendous marble memorial stones we provide are available in captivating white. This colour is offered because it is the most hard-wearing marble, making it ideal for outdoor usage. Sourced from Italy, this top-grade stone is visually arresting and beautiful to behold.

Unparalleled Lakeland Slate

The slate memorials we produce are mostly created using slate sourced from The Lake District and Wales. Featuring flexible engraving options, our slate memorials are available in the iconic green shade of Lakeland slate.

Designing Your Headstone

Please feel free to get in touch with our approachable company to discuss your order. Working closely with you, our compassionate stonemasons will spend as much time as you need to make the right decision while offering you expert advice.

Restoring Damaged Memorials

Stone, granite, marble, and slate memorial renovations are deftly handled by our experienced staff. Informed by a deep understanding of stonework, we're able to make memorials look as good as new. Leaning headstones are also corrected by our team.

Setting Memories in Stone

The handsome stone memorials we have to offer are crafted using authentic Yorkstone sourced from Yorkshire. Truly eye-catching, these fine-looking stones are the most popular among our selection.

Serving the Country

Councils and Local Authorities alike rely on our expertise for the creation of war memorials and other commemorative pieces in town centres and local areas. The assistance we provide with memorials and inscriptions is available to clients throughout the UK.

Contact us today, in Southport, Merseyside, to order from our selection of gorgeous memorial headstones, including granite memorials.